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About Scott Yanow

Scott Yanow is one of the world's most respected jazz historians.  He is prolific in his reviews of jazz music, the authoring of jazz-album liner notes, and the writing of books on jazz. 

From Wikipedia we have the following about Scott Yanow:

"Scott Yanow was born in New York City and grew up near Los Angeles.  Since 1975, he was a regular reviewer of many jazz styles and was the jazz editor for Record Review. He wrote for many jazz and arts magazines, including JazzTimes, Jazziz, Down Beat, Cadence, CODA and the Los Angeles Jazz Scene. In September 2002, Yanow was interviewed on-camera by CNN about the Monterey Jazz Festival and wrote an in-depth biography on Dizzy Gillespie for He authored 11 books on jazz, over 800 liner notes for CDs and over 20,000 reviews of jazz recordings.

Yanow was a contributor to and co-editor of the third edition of the All Music Guide to Jazz. He continues to write for Downbeat, Jazziz, the Los Angeles Jazz Scene, the Jazz Rag and Jazz Inside.

Yanow has produced a series of CDs for the Allegro record label. He also hosted a regular radio show (Jazz After Hours) for KCSN-FM, and worked as the jazz listings editor for the Los Angeles Times."

The latest from Scott Yanow is that he is now over 900 in liner notes, and currently writes for Downbeat, Jazziz, the Los Angeles Jazz Scene, the New York City Jazz Record, Syncopated Times, and the Jazz Rag.



The concerned review references I'll Think of Something available at CD Baby.  It was because we were reviewed the way that we were by Scott Yanow that we went into business as Soaring Music Publications.  To be clear: the Soaring Music Publications site was created well after Scott Yanow's review of I'll Think of Something being published in the LA Jazz Scene.  Within a year of the concerned CD's release it was available for sale, online, at the producer's new website.

Another interesting observation regarding the concerned review is that it sites the CD's source as Soaring Music Productions.  I had, over the previous twenty years, used both names, Soaring Music Productions and Soaring Music Publications, depending if it were recordings or written music.  I had not yet even made the identification, or decision, that Soaring Music Publications needed to be the name of my music business.

If you were me, and your first effort releasing a CD drew a similar review from a critic the likes of Scott Yanow, what would you do?  I'm the one in my family willingly obligated to continue on with my dad's music.  He has written some songs that we will try to get new recordings on.  

I know that I am not kidding myself that my dad has left us some songs that deserve new recordings.  You can listen to audio previews of Soaring's first twenty-four, lead-sheet-for-sale songs by clicking here.  Several of the lead-sheet-for-sale songs are contained within the musicals that Charles left us.  There are my dad's songs and his musicals.  Charles Nathan was a BMI-award-winning songwriter, where such a distinction is quite rare.

Although I have written some songs, I don't have the gift for writing songs that my dad had.  Although I currently have the potential to do a lot of good as a studio, string bassist in the music-recording industry, it makes more sense that I focus my abilities on getting new recordings of my dad's songs.

It has only been six years since Scott Yanow published his review of I'll Think of Something, (title by my dad.)  Upon the release of the concerned review I was quick to quote "Greg Nathan is an excellent jazz bassist," "Mike Denny is a world class guitarist," and "I'll Think of Something is a fun set of excellent jazz."  The motive here is to establish credibility for the owner/president of Soaring Music Publications, and to enhance his chances for success in the future, while trying to bring forward Soaring's music material, namely the Charles Nathan songs. 

It is only now, April of 2020, that I am making the original Scott Yanow review of I'll Think of Something available to be seen on the Soaring site. Perhaps this should have been done long ago.

We have had other good reviews of the CD I'll Think of Something.  Similar to the way I handled Scott Yanow's review, I was quick to quote what other reviewers had to say, and those quotes are findable, even here on the Soaring site.

Over the last six years Soaring has secured a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, produced 24 lead sheets of Charles Nathan songs in 7 different keys, for sale online at the Soaring website, (you can listen to record/demo, full-length tracks of all 24 of them by clicking here.) 

As a result of a lengthy process Soaring has legally absorbed the royalty rights of my parents' music-publishing companies, Chase Music Company and Nathan and Associates, paid through BMI and ASCAP, respectively.  My parents' music companies date back to the early 50's.  ASCAP has recently paid out some royalties to Soaring. 

Some of the reputable names my dad was associated with, that can be heard on the referenced, record/demo, full-length-track, / preview-track players include: Perry Como, Anita Bryant, Billy May, The Hi Lo's, Babe Russin, Ruth Olay, Harry Bluestone, Georgia Brown, and more.