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Soaring Music Publications?

It's no secret that music production can be expensive. The good news is that the expense on the production side winds up being wages for the many local professionals involved in the project. The local music pros Soaring hires are talented and highly skilled. However, the recent pandemic is still affecting their ability to earn a living.   We'd like to help by doing more hiring.

With the 2021 production of the holiday release I Want a Doll, Soaring Music Publications put several music pros to work for only the second time since it produced its first recording of a Charles Nathan song. About ten years ago, in September of 2013, Charles's song I'll Think of Something, from his musical Where the Heck's the Plot?, was released as the title track of his son Greg's first CD album release. 

Soaring is committed to using the donated funds deposited here to record a third Charles Nathan song, followed by several more, employing many local music pros. Soaring loves putting our local music professionals to work. With your help, if we can get to it sooner than another eight years between productions, that would be great! 

Through producing two Charles Nathan songs, Soaring employed several local music professionals, but in the process, Soaring's business deficit has grown. Today, your generous donation can move Soaring's financial position forward, empowering us to hire further and produce more. 

Soaring will return some thoughtful rewards and personal contact to those supporting the production of more Charles Nathan songs. If you donate, we'll know who you are, and we'll be in touch to say thank you in a personal, meaningful way (to be determined), we promise! 

Please, we need your support. Right now, donate to Soaring's music-production capability. You'll love being some help to Soaring's next production - you know that!  Please... 

Thank you.


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