Greg Nathan, September, 2017.

Nathan began his professional bass-playing career in 1972 at seventeen, performing popular jazz music with jazz pianist Chuck Ruff and vocalist Donna Courtell. He completed his Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree at the University of Oregon in 1977. Nathan earned a Master of Arts in Music degree at California State University, Sacramento, in 1982. 

Nathan has had two seasons with the Reno Philharmonic, one season with the Sacramento Symphony, and one season as principal bassist for Sacramento's Camellia Symphony. Nathan has performed with the Oregon Bach Festival Orchestra, the Peter Britt Festival Orchestra, and the Oregon Festival of American Music Orchestra. Nathan is currently in his thirty-ninth season with the Eugene Symphony, playing with them from 1975 to 1977 and from 1987 to the present. Nathan's teacher is Larry Epstein, long-time Assistant Principal of the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, now retired. 

Nathan is an accomplished composer of songs and serious music. He sings, plays, and uses the bow when performing jazz. Nathan was the leader of the jazz duo Aftermath, whose potential is now impossible due to the recent passing of jazz guitar great Mike Denny. Aftermath performances mostly occurred at the old Eugene, Oregon, Hilton Hotel. Nathan has performed with Nancy King, Charles Dowd, Paul Biondi, Tom Shove, Bill Sabol, Vikki Brabham, Gus Russell, Alan Tarpinian, Jessie Marquez, and others. 

Nathan recently released his first CD album, I'll Think of Something. The album honors Nathan's recently deceased father, songwriter-composer Charles Nathan, who penned the music to Perry Como's 1953 hit Say You're Mine Again. The concerned CD's title track is from Charles Nathan's 2009 musical Where the Heck's the Plot? The album also includes My Own Man, words and music by Greg Nathan. The album features the late jazz guitarist Mike Denny. In his review of the album, Scott Yanow of LA Jazz Scene Magazine said, "...Denny is a "world-class guitarist, "...Nathan is "an excellent jazz bassist," and the album "I'll Think of Something," is, "...a fun set of excellent jazz."  

Over his part-time music career, Nathan has served as a licensed educator for many districts in various roles, including 18 years as a full-time licensed teacher. Nathan has recently served as a temporary middle-school math teacher, a half-time high-school online math teacher, in 2021 was under a full-time contract with the Springfield Public Schools as a building substitute and a high-school summer-school math teacher, and in 2023 was a half-time high-school math subject area specialist in Lowell, Oregon at the Bridge Charter Academy. Currently, Nathan works as a double bassist for the Eugene Symphony and as a substitute teacher for the Springfield Public Schools.

Nathan is also a caring husband and father while an active member of his church. His interests include following U of O football, men's/women's basketball, fishing, golf, and occasionally jogging.


I'll Think of Something is jazz bassist Greg Nathan's first release. The album is a self-produced effort arranged and directed by Nathan. The album features the late world-class jazz guitarist Mike Denny and contains swinging renditions of popular, romantic songs. The album I'll Think of Something contains solid bass playing to a good-sounding voice and excellent jazz guitar playing throughout the program, which includes one instrumental track. There are many interesting musical ideas on the album. Jammed with lots of high-quality material to boost its value, I'll Think of Something is an entertaining and provocative listen. 

A 12-page booklet accompanies the music. The booklet includes lyrics to all of the vocal renditions on the album, along with writing and pictures related to Charles Nathan, Slam Stewart, and Mike Denny. It is downloadable for free by clicking here.

The latest release from Greg Nathan, owner/president of Soaring Music Publications, is I Want a Doll," which can be heard by clicking here

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