Jennie (Jean) Nathan, Charles's Mother, was a Published Songwriter.  

(Jennie Nathan. 1957.)

Grandma Jennie was born in London, England, and spoke, throughout her life, with a thick, Cockney accent.  I can remember the piano in her home when we went to visit.   

Grandma was the first, Charles was the second, and with me, that makes three.  We're talking about a third-generation family business here.   

Jennie was the most wonderful person, staying true to her marriage vows and caring nearly her entire life for her husband, who lost a leg in World War One.  After Pappy (Charles's dad, Jennie's husband) passed away in the late sixties, Jenny continued enjoying music until her passing in 1979.   

My brother complains that Jennie favored me.  I won't argue, but I think she was just giving a bad dog a good name, grooming the one she expected to take over the family's music business.  One thing about Grandma Jennie that was undeniable: she loved beautiful music.

Tonie the Singer, and Charles the Trumpet Player

Tonie is upfront at the microphone, and Charles is the trumpet player next to the trombone. We don't have too many details on the background of this shot, although the drummer, Bob Mareno, and Chuck were good friends. I can remember Dad talking about how good of a drummer Bob was. One day, much later, Bob was over at the house sitting in on a jam session held in our music room. My dad was so happy he was there. 

I was surprised to find this picture because I don't remember my mom and dad talking about it. I'm in the dark about what was being performed, who produced the session, and all that.

It was a much smaller world back when this shot was taken. At that time, Nathan was Tonie's maiden name, and the two concerned Nathan families were the only Nathans listed in Los Angeles's phone book. 

Throughout their lives, despite my mom's political career, Tonie was there, even through her Alzheimer's, to do what she could to help my dad achieve his late-in-life music writing accomplishments. It is my opinion that the 2009 debut of Charles's musical comedy, Where the Heck's the Plot? was the pinnacle of Charles's career. There are so many good songs in Where the Heck's the Plot?, all freshly written to further the work's story. 

Like Grandma Jenny, Tonie and Charles loved beautiful music. They were life-long partners in the music business.

Some Early Recognition for Charles