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About the Song "I'll Think of Something"

Among all of the great covers present in the program of the "I'll Think of Something" CD, the song "I'll Think of Something," written by Charles Nathan, (1921 - 2012,) Greg's dad, has the well-deserved honor of being the title track. The song is unique among the rest since it is the only "show song" in the program.

"I'll think of Something" comes from the musical, "Where the Heck's the Plot?" written by Charles in 2005, and produced in Eugene, Oregon at the ACE Cabaret, in 2009. "Where the Heck's the Plot" is a musical comedy masterpiece. You only need to compare the writing in Chuck's song to the other songs on the CD to know that this is most probably true.

The CD that bears Charles's song as the title track is intended to honor Charles and further his work, even in death. The CD's booklet contains several pictures of Charles with two pages of the CD's notes referring to Charles. The words "A Great Man" are part of the text for Charles's grave marker. He was a high school-drop out who left the world debt free, able in death to comfortably provide for his Alzheimer-stricken widow.

The song, with music for the introduction written by Charles, is sung straight through, as it is presented in the play, in an effort to bring to the listener a sample from "Where the Heck's the Plot." Sidney, who is one of the musical's main characters, a musical comedy writer afflicted with writer's block, sings the song early in the musical. Greg did his best to be in character singing this rendition of his dad's song. He insisted that the recording presented on the CD be one that captured a live-studio performance of his voice free from the need to "punch in" anything. That insistence was realized, and is presented here and in the recorded take on the concerned CD.

We hope you enjoy the performance of one of Charles Nathan's best-written songs. We also hope that someday you get to see and hear the song "I'll Think of Something" within the musical that it comes from.

I'll Think of Something (Lyric)

I'll Think of Something
Lyric by Charles Nathan

I'll think of something
In just a little while
I'll think of something
That has class and has style

It won't be something ordinary
Commonplace or trite
I know I have the wherewithal
But where's it all tonight?

I must think of something
So much on me depends
I must think of her
And how our story ends

I'm gonna try
Gonna give it my best
Gonna take my best shot
I won't sleep, I won't rest

'til I think of something
That makes her proud of me
Won't settle for less
Than the best I can be

Tho' a writer like me
Makes it once in a blue moon
I know the game, and I'm in my prime
And I've got a feeling I'll make it this time

I'm gonna grab the whole world and shake it
And show 'em that I'm
The guy that can make it
And by God I'm makin' it soon

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