Don Lerman:

( From his review: )  "...the excellent jazz guitarist Mike Denny."

(Cadence Magazine, 2014)



So what's better than excellent? Mike, in this setting, swinging jazz standards, (not even his favorite genre, although close,) is a tough act to beat.

Mike was called on to shoulder the lion's share of jazz soloing on the concerned CD. He gave us everything we needed in one, 3½ hour sitting. That includes many various sound and level checks. Mike's performance is essentially a live, studio recording, and what a terrific job he did!


Scott Yanow:

Mike Denny is, "...a world class guitarist."

(LA  Jazz Scene Magazine, 2014)


Soaring recommends listening to the concerned album from beginning to end, and if you do that focusing on what Mike does, you can't help but be so impressed by his playing. Clearly, Mike embraced his opportunity, and shows us what is possible from being given such a role. The end result is why the album is, “... a fun set of excellent jazz.” ( Scott Yanow )

In a certain sense the album is all about Mike. Soaring leans on Mike's contribution for "jazz authenticity." Mike's performance is the foundation of the jazz you hear. Of the three parts presented, the work we hear from Mike is the object of the least amount of “production.”

Understanding the album is a studio production, the latest technological abilities were utilized to maximize the experience for the listener. However, nothing presented on the album goes beyond what the musicians can do live. Soaring was insistent that this condition remained uncompromised.

We suspect there are several who would love to have been called on by Soaring to do the job Mike was asked to do. Everything was there for Mike to enjoy making the album what it became. We knew what we wanted, we knew what he needed, and we had a good idea of what Mike could do. We are thrilled with what we got.

Mike being featured the way he is made possible the highly-entertaining, 48 minutes of music you hear. That such an engaging set, from just two guys, is our outcome is much to the credit of what Mike accomplished during the session. ( Soaring Music Publications )


The recordings of Mike on the tracks from the album “I'll Think of Something” are available for free listening on Pandora and Spotify. You can also sample the album's tracks on this website's "Store" page by clicking here.

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