Tony Bennett:

"I'm a big believer in the Great American Songbook. A lot of record companies call it 'old music' and I think that's absolutely ignorant. It's really the greatest music that ever came out of America,"

(The Los Angeles Times, 2015)





"I'll Think of Something" is probably one of the most amazing CD's from any bassist. It contains 9 covers from the Great American Songbook. The title track is by Nathan's dad, in honor of him, and Nathan com-posed one of the album's songs. Nathan does all of the singing on the album and he did the album's arranging and directing. Nathan uses the bow a bit so you can hear his Classical chops, and he also recorded himself singing in octaves while he bows, in honor of Slam Stewart.




C. Michael Bailey: 

(Greg's) "...singing approach is filled with a charming honesty that is endearing if not infectious."

(All About Jazz, 2014)


The album is a work from a bassist. That Nathan can get the job done as a singer is just a reflection of his talent. However, what Nathan accomplishes on the album as a bassist is significant. From a flash of 20th Century Music on his only "true" pizzicato solo, to the Slam Stewart tribute, to the bowing on the album's only instrumental, and more, the bass playing rises to the surface just enough to claim the album's lead. If you know from the beginning that the bassist is the album's arranger, then at the end of the program you should be able to conclude, in truth: the session belongs to the bassist.

(Soaring Music Publications 2015)


Scott Yanow:

Greg Nathan is, "an excellent jazz bassist."  Mike Denny is, "a world class guitarist."  The "I'll Think of Something" CD is, "a fun set of excellent jazz."

(LA Jazz Scene Magazine, 2014)


The recordings of Nathan playing the bass on the tracks from the album "I'll Think of Something" are available for free listening on Pandora and Spoitify. You can also sample the album's tracks on this website's store page here..

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