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I'll Think of Something
Lyric by Charles Nathan

I'll think of something
In just a little while
I'll think of something
That has class and has style

It won't be something ordinary
Commonplace or trite
I know I have the wherewithal
But where's it all tonight?

I must think of something
So much on me depends
I must think of her
And how our story ends

I'm gonna try
Gonna give it my best
Gonna take my best shot
I won't sleep, I won't rest

'til I think of something
That makes her proud of me
Won't settle for less
Than the best I can be

Tho' a writer like me
Makes it once in a blue moon
I know the game, and I'm in my prime
And I've got a feeling I'll make it this time

I'm gonna grab
The whole world and shake it
And show 'em that I'm
The guy that can make it
And by God I'm makin' it soon

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