Where the Heck's the Plot?

A musical by Charles Nathan




All purchases of the rights and materials so that you can stage Where The Heck's The Plot? will be arranged on an individual basis. Depending on your intentions for your production of Where the Heck's the Plot?, there are too many options for packages that we can provide for you to list the prices for all possible combinations. 

If it is your heart's desire to accomplish a production of Where The Heck's The Plot? we will be there for you, providing publications of what ever it is you need, in whatever key it is that you need it in. We have the scripts, scores, parts for live musicians, music-minus-one CD accompaniments, and more. We are set up to give you a turn-key package enabling your production to be accomplished with or without live musicians. 

We are committed to charging mainstream, industry-standard prices for our service. We will do our best to support you with whatever it is you need that will help the production be the best it can be, but we need to communicate with you to work it out. One theater's deal will not be the same as another's. 

Soaring understands you are interested, but aren't sure if what we have is for you.  You need to find out more.  That's fine!  Please click here to contact us. 

Our goal is to provide for you answers to all of your questions regarding your interest in our musical, while continuing to be as helpful to you as we can be throughout the entire production process. 

Soaring welcomes this opportunity to begin a working relationship with you, and your show-biz ambitions. Please send us an email regarding your interest in The Foursome and let's get started!




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