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In the Autumn Years 

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Soaring's Mission Statement

Soaring Music Publications is committed to popularizing the musicals and songs of Charles Nathan (1921 - 2012). 

Charles wrote the melody of "Say You're Mine Again," one of vocalist Perry Como's greatest hits.  In 1953, BMI recognized Charles's work on "Say You're Mine Again" by issuing him a "Certificate of Achievement" for the "great national popularity" attained by  “Say You're Mine Again.”

Charles wrote about one hundred songs (including the ones from his musicals), a high percentage of which possess memorable melodies and imaginative, clever lyrics.  Many of Charles's leadsheets lend themselves well to Jazz.

Charles Nathan (1953)

Soaring envisions a future where Charles's musicals (available here) are being produced onstage and on film.  The vision also foresees a future where prominent artists and labels will record new Swing and Jazz-Pop renditions of Charles's songs.  The realization of this vision will strengthen America's unique art form, Jazz, thus fulfilling Soaring's mission. 


The release of 

In the Autumn Years 

just happened (July 15th, 2024).

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In 2022 SMP released

I Want a Doll

Words and Music


Charles Nathan



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In 2019 

Mike Denny used Soaring Music Publications as the label for his release

Mike Denny Trio Live at Laurellwood



Mike's latest and final release

Mike Denny chose to use the Soaring Music Publications label when producing his last album, Mike Denny Trio Live at Laurelwood.  Mike and Soaring Music Publications owner Greg Nathan had a conversation where Mike asked Greg if he was willing to be the label for the production. Greg responded that he would be willing. Soaring only found out that Mike produced the album using the Soaring label after it was done and Mike had passed on.  

Soaring is honored to be Mike's label for his last album.  Click here for a review written by Scott Yanow and to listen to an original by Mike from the album program. 

Here are several links to some of the most popular online sites where Mike's album Mike Deny Trio Live at Laurelwood can be accessed:  

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      Words can't express how much we miss Mike Denny.