Lead-sheet page for

The Magic Touch (of You)

Words and Music


Charles Nathan

As referenced by Chuck in the TV interview posted here, this is the song that Ella and Sinatra were trying to get together to record.  It became the finale to his musical The Foursome.  It swings!  The group on this demo is The Nathan Family Quartet.  This was a "home" recording.  Hear it all for free below.


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  • As a rule our melodies are published so the largest part of them falls on the staff.  However, if you want your purchased lead sheet's melody to be an octave higher or lower on the staff, let us know and we'll fix it.

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  • EXTRA VALUE: All lead sheets come with 3 types of lyric sheets.  Samples of the lead-sheet, and the 3 included lyric sheets can be seen below.  Regarding the 3 types of lyric sheets, there's one Lyric vocal only, one Lyric with no chord spaces, and one Lyric with chord spaces. The Lyric with no chord spaces is formatted for arrangers so they can write in the chords the way they hear them.  The Lyric with chord spaces is formatted so you can write in the chords according to your key.  

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Lead Sheet

Lyric sheet, vocal only

Lyric Sheet, with chord spaces

Lyric sheet, with no chord spaces