On the CD-Album

I'll Think of Something

"I'll Think of Something," the CD-album is different from most independent CD productions since nine "cover" songs have been included in the program. Independent CD productions often shy away from including so many covers, if any at all, due to the cost of "covering" the licensing fees that goes along with using someone else's already-popular song. However, Soaring Music Publications is pleased to pay the "cover" licensing fees associated with the "I'll Think of Something" CD, considers it an honor and privilege to have access to the distribution rights for so many fine songs, and holds a market strategy that the value of the product is greatly enhanced by the inclusion of the concerned covers.

Yes, the licensing/processing fee cost is real. Well over $1.00 per CD has been paid in licensing/processing fees for the distribution rights to the first manufacturing order of the "I'll Think of Something" CD's. All of the concerned publishers of songs requiring licensing fees are aware of Soaring's use of their material and the exact words being sung. Although a few publishers had questions regarding changes to lyrics, full artistic expression was preserved, and no restrictions of the artist's desires for the presentation were imposed. This is a happy report, and Soaring is thrilled to share with you that the freedom associated with jazz creations, (hence the red-white-and-blue theme of the "I'll Think of Something" CD,) has not in the least been marred.

Six of the covers programmed on the "I'll Think of Something" CD are from the years 1930 - 1944. and there is a cover from 1955, 1960, and 2001. "My Own Man," written by Greg Nathan, was composed in 1976, but not released until after some 2013 lyrical edits. The title song, written by Greg's father, Charles Nathan, was composed for the musical, "Where the Heck's the Plot?" in 2005, produced and released in 2009. Charles said many times that great writing stands the test of time. Soaring is in agreement with this, and is once again thrilled to add a different-type of product to the market, one that disagrees with the common notion that "new is surely good."

Charles believed the music element "melody" to be music's most important element, and was discouraged that the evolution of twentieth-century music and modern jazz devalued the role of melody in the "new" music being presented. The production of the CD "I'll Think of Something" is intended to strengthen the health of melody in today's music market, showing, clarifying, and supporting the idea that, regardless of the year it was composed, a good melody is a good melody.

Adding value to the "I'll Think of something" CD, and in another way setting it apart from most other independent CD productions, is the inclusion of a 12-page booklet. Many independent CD productions limit their costs by offering a smaller text inclusion. However, the front and back of the concerned CD's 12-page booklet cover is in color, where the back cover is an eight-picture collage including notes.  A "details page" on the inside of the booklet's back cover includes publisher/composer information and song-origin dates, along with various production credits and rights-protection notices.

All of the words to the songs are included in the booklet, something Soaring feels consumers have been missing. Soaring likes the idea that their consumers have, at their finger tips, answers to any questions they might have on the lyrics to the CD's songs, and can also, if they so choose, enjoy the visual presentation of the words to the songs that are sung, similar to reading poetry.

There are four pages in the booklet dedicated to notes. Two of the notes pages are in honor of songwriter/composer Charles Nathan, Greg's dad, born in April of 1921 and passing on at the end of September, 2012. There are two pictures of Charles on the inside of the booklet. Also in the "notes" portion of the concerned CD's booklet are several paragraphs in tribute to Leroy "Slam" Stewart along with a picture of Slam and Greg. The booklet notes continue with a paragraph in gratitude to Mike Denny and then finishes out.

Today, Soaring would be that much less "in the know" if it weren't for the education it has received from record-liner notes. Good liner notes to the concerned CD is something Soaring was insistent on.

Soaring also wants to acknowledge the musical efforts of the performers, and the technical resources of the engineers in adding value to the product. We are very pleased with our new ability to offer the CD-album "I'll Think of Something" to the public. Thanks so much to all involved for your help in bringing a quality, finished project to the market!


Soaring Music Publications