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      Above is the back cover of the solo piano album "In the Autumn Years."  To see the detailed info page from the CD click here.         

Audio previews of In the Autumn Years are contained in one continuous track. 14 excerpts in program order are presented in about 6 minutes. You can listen here or download the preview file for free and hear it later in your car or wherever. 

We hope you enjoy Soaring's different approach to previewing a new album release. Although, due to licensing, it costs more, we think our family and friends will like how we have changed our approach to the preview step.

For every song's first complete presentation, four bars before and four bars after the middle have been extracted. This design enables you to consistently preview the album's melodies as a shortcut to hearing the whole album.  

While you will be able to sample the sound quality and soloist's approach, there is little that can heard of the album's arrangements (which we are very excited about), but mostly, you can determine your level of interest in each of the album's melodies.  

Charles Nathan's 14 melodies provide the guidelines for the soloist-arranger's album performance. In the fine art of music, the performer is always subservient to the composer. In this case, Charles is over Greg (father over son). In this way, the musical documentation of the concerned album is rare, if not unique.

Thanks in advance for listening to our preview track (however you do it). May your previewing lead you to hear the whole album. 

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