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I'll Think of Something


LA Jazz Scene magazine said Mike Denny is a "world-class guitarist," Greg Nathan is "an excellent jazz bassist," and the album I'll Think of Something is "a fun set of excellent jazz."     



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We will send you the download cards physically in the mail or electronically - however you wish. You can use your well-deserved download cards as stocking stuffers.  (Greg Nathan will autograph the physical cards by request.  Offer on 250 physical cards good only while the supply lasts.  Your Facebook link must remain in place through January 1st, 2023.)


We're looking forward to sending you three download cards of a historic album as soon as possible. Use the SMP "contact" link in the above banner to send us a URL to your Facebook page that includes a link to I Want a Doll and information regarding your electronic or physical delivery choice.   


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